All types of TNT in Minecraft you can find in one place!


Sometimes you may need to change, every time you blow up your friend’s house with the same TNT, it won’t be fun!

How about trying a new type of explosive every time you blow up your friend’s house? Of course, it will be very fun for you only of course.

You may have seen a lot of TNT plugins. But they are all very basic and simple. x2 TNT, x4 TNT, Nuclear Weapons, The Basics. But in this addition, the situation is different.

The owner of the addition has made many strange types of TNTs, the weakest type, the strangest type, the strongest type, and the most wonderful thing you can think of. Please enjoy this addition!

New things and TNTs that you will get after installing the add-on:

Artillery Table

Use this table to make all kinds of different TNTs.

Fake Grass

When you stand on this block it will explode. It can also explode with flint and steel.

Fart TNT

This will cloud out with a sound when it explodes. This cloud will damage neighboring forests. You can remove the cloud by clicking on the source.

Lazer Light Show TNT

When you do this TNT it has a great light show, with a multi-color laser and a great funky song. When the song ends it will explode.


This TNT has a very massive explosion with a large mushroom-shaped cloud.

Random TNT

This TNT will have more blast power than this. This random blast power is 1-5.

Running TNT

This TNT look totally natural, until you do it. It sprouts its legs and runs away from you. We hope you do not enter your home.

Sonic TNT

When blasting, this will remove the glass even if it is not in the blast area, and make the most annoying sound ever. They even hurt your ears in real life!

Sticky TNT

This TNT will not fall off when ignited. Unlike regular TNT.

Throwable TNT (Item)

You can throw it. Like a snowball.


These will be transmitted when ignited randomly. So you never know where it will explode.

Villager TNT

You will explode with child villagers.

Yeet TNT

When exploding, this will throw all monsters, animals, and entities within a radius of 10 15 blocks away from where they are standing.

I recommend you to watch the following video to learn more about this very beautiful addition to TNTs:

And I hope to write your opinion in the comments.

You can get the add-on here