Don’t move or you will destroy the world in Minecraft in one step with this data pack!


You must watch carefully where you take your steps, or you will suddenly find yourself in a world out of nowhere!

Minecraft, but if you move, the world will be destroyed!

It is a challenging data pack that makes your game very challenging and difficult to play.

Beware – it’s much more difficult than it looks! Whenever you get out of a block an entire column of blocks is destroyed from the top of the world to the bedrock.

Moving around in your world will leave huge holes that are easy to fall into – believe me.

The challenge, of course, is to beat Minecraft – but beware, it won’t be easy. good luck…

Of course, beware of the Shift button, as it is the biggest trick in this addition!

Because it will not save you from falling to the bottom of the world, but rather the opposite, it will definitely cause you to fall.

There are many challenges that you can deduce or settle with this interesting and dangerous addition.

How to use and information

This is fully compatible with multiplayer. When you upload to the world, simply type

/trigger start_challenge

From that point on, you’ll start destroying the world as you move

You can watch the following video to understand more about the idea and how to use it

I hope you write your opinion in the comments, and any advice you can provide or inquiries.

You can get the data pack from here

Thank you.