Fighting the dragon and sealing up Minecraft with a new powerful and legendary sword


Do not miss the opportunity to try a new weapon to eliminate the dragon and the rest of the monsters.

Today we have a new experience for Minecraft with an Epic Weapon!

Yes, in the beginning we will be in a normal world, and try to gather enough resources to reach the Dragon of the End!

In the same period, we collect the necessary resources for the manufacture of weapons and the legendary sword.

MineBlade Data Pack introduces a new deadly weapon to the game that gives you special abilities such as extra attack range, higher damage, throwing fireballs or summoning thunder strike.

Of course, the Minecraft experience will be different with an epic weapon, so why not try on many monsters in the ordinary world, for example?

Then we go to the land or the end world and fight the dragon with the new legendary weapon and test it.

how to use:

Download the data package from the link below.

Launch Minecraft. In the main menu, choose Singleplayer.

Select the world where you want to install this data package, then click the Edit button at the bottom of the screen.

Choose Open Global Folder. A window will appear – Open the Data Packages folder.

Now you should drop the zip data package file you just downloaded into this folder.

Right-click on the data package’s zip file and click Extract here.

Returning to the game, press Save to complete.

Enter the world and enjoy it.

If you don’t get the install message, run the command /reload

If you cannot use the /reload command, you must create a new world.

I hope you write your opinion in the comments about the legendary weapon, and did you try it or not?

Watch the video for more details..

You can get the add-on here