How to get lucky blocks naturally in the mobile world of Minecraft


Who doesn’t want to suddenly get a lot of resources from lucky blocks, but beware, you don’t always get good things!

Lucky blocks have become a big fashion in the world of Minecraft in the recent period.

And today we have a very beautiful and simple addition to add lucky blocks in mobile Minecraft!

What is unique about this addition is that when you add it to your world, you will find a lot of random blocks in the world.

The presence of lucky blocks in the world naturally means that there is no need to manufacture them.

In the Survival world and also no need to switch to Creative or Mod values ​​to get it.

Hello. Were you looking for Lucky Block add-ons?

And see what’s in here! This addon is different from any other lucky block addon! Because this is a realistic Lucky Luck Block! It can be found in nature! Also, a variety of items come out! Let’s learn about the add-on together?

This means that you are able to live in your surviving world naturally, but you will find lucky blocks randomly in the world.

Or not

Fortune blocks is a popular mod from the past to the present. Thanks to this, it is loved by many people.

lucky blocks

They can be found in the world (only in the areas of Extreme Hill Bios).

It can be taken through a touch wire, and it can be broken by anything.

Can be made with crafting table. (can be selected)

And there are more and more features. Watch the video to know it..and don’t forget to share your opinion with us in the comments.

Get the add-on here