How to get Sky Factory up and running in Minecraft Bedrock


All of us have seen people playing Sky Factory on Minecraft PC Java, but today it is available for Minecraft Mobile as well.

A world completely devoid of everything, but also full of everything!

This is the world of the Sky Factory. In this world or mod pack, you find a lot of work, as there are a very large number of machines that need you to operate and maintain.

Above all, you live in a world where there is nothing but a tree and a circle!

The whole world must be created by you, and you get to know the machines, play and have fun creating your own world in the void.

At first you stand on a tree standing on a single block of dirt surrounded by a vast expanse of nothingness.

The empty void of everything.

To the east the sun rises.

To the west, the moon falls below the horizon.

There is no sound, nothing to do but cut down the tree. The fallen tree leaves decompose into bushes which you collect and plant a new tree to start the process over again.

Days and weeks go by. Your island is now so big that you can barely see it from start to finish.

One area covered with trees, you smell truffles that you can turn into charcoal, glass, and redstone.

Another part is home to a huge arboretum filled with young bonsai trees, adding to the resource for you.

A third area contains a nuclear reactor.

The fourth is where your balloon stands.

You build a house in the sky – out of nothing. This is Skyfactory

Of course, Yikei Factory was originally intended for a Minecraft Java computer, but today we have a copy of it for mobile Bedrock!

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You can get the link here