How to turn an ordinary Iron Golem in Minecraft Mobile into a very powerful guard!


You will not believe what you will see, today you will find the Iron Gull that will protect you instead of the horns, so that it will eliminate them if they attack you!

Today we are going to do a new science experiment!

Yes, today is the day of scientific experiments, from which completely new things come out to the world.

We will upgrade the Iron Golem from the regular Iron Golem to the Iron Golem Armor.

We will also make special shields for him so that we can fight monsters with him.

But you will not be able to control this iron without a sdl to control it. That is why we will also manufacture a saddle according to the size of this iron, say the armadillo.

We will control him and make him our bodyguard, but how do we know his strength?

We all know the power of Iron Gulm and how it protects the villagers from monsters.

But have you ever asked yourself, can you make the Iron Gull protect you like your bodyguard?

We will also test Iron Gull against other monsters and this is the best way to find out its strength.

In this video, we will upgrade the Iron Gull to be much more powerful than you can imagine and also tame him to become your bodyguard!

Watch the video to learn more, and also what do you think of the strength of this Iron Armored Ball?

I hope to share your opinion with us in the comments, and if you discover something new about it as well.

You can get the add-on here