Learn about the most important upcoming features in Windows 10 21H2 update


There are two major updates per year for Windows 10 to provide it with more important features and features, enhance system stability, and address known issues, It is expected to be launched someday between March and June, and thanks to the trial versions in the Windows Insider Program, we can learn about the new features that Microsoft is working on in preparation for launching them with the 21H2 update, and we will briefly identify some of them in this post.

addon To follow the weather and news from a variety of sources

It is a new addition to Windows 10 to follow the latest current events and acts as an add-on to the taskbar, where the weather indicator appears stably and by pressing it, a window appears with a news summary from various fields from more than 4,500 different sources of news in addition to sports results and weather forecasts, and this summary is updated more than once over the course of Today, it can be stopped easily by right-clicking on the taskbar and then choosing Hidden from the News and Interests menu.

Control storage units from settings

In each update, Microsoft tries to develop the Settings application to replace the Control Panel, and with this update, it will become possible to manage storage units from the Settings application instead of the Disk Management tool. That is, when you go to the “System” section, “Storage”, then click on “Manage Disks and Volumes,” where the storage units connected to the computer appear, and under their partitions, and by clicking on any disk or Partition, control options appear, such as those in Disk Management tool. If the hard drive is an SSD, information about the storage unitse’s condition and temperature will also appear.

A new set of emojis

In this next update, Microsoft will significantly renew the list of emojis that have not changed for 3 years and will adopt the Fluent Design system and will add an emoji search bar that supports all languages, a new section has been added to support animated GIFs, and Clipboard History is integrated with the emoji list to access them. From one window by pressing the Win key followed by (.) Or (;)

The search results window appears in night mode

When you use Windows Search from the taskbar to access programs and files, you will find the results page with a white background, even after activating the dark mode, which is inconvenient to the eye therefore, Microsoft added some adjustments to the Windows Search feature, including adapting to dark mode and preserving the last four searches.

Power Automate Desktop Program

An important application to improve productivity by making the computer perform the daily routine tasks that consume a lot of time, such as moving files from one folder to another folder or entering certain data on Excel or any tasks that need to be executed in the same order its interface is very easy, as there are more than 400 actions that can be added and it can also execute those procedures on any program and on the system itself. It is similar to the “Shortcuts” application on the iPhone or the Macros feature in Microsoft Office applications.

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