Minecraft: basement ( vault ) and modern smart house


As you wander around the villages and see houses of all kinds, you will never suspect that there is a developed house among them.

Today we have a developed and hidden house in the village of Savannah. You will never notice that it is developed from the outside because it is considered a basement and all the work is underground.

The ultimate modern smart hideaway is here! This vault is perfect for survival play with friends or with yourself. The vault features 4 security cameras that work inside and out and much more!

This vault has many features, so let me go through it quickly!

Secret entrance:

To enter the lair, go to the farthest village house, stand in the upper right corner and press the stone button.

control room:

In the control room, you have access to 4 security cameras, and you can also shut down the entire base in case of a zombie apocalypse! This room can only be accessed by those who own the base, to add instructions to others in the game.

Storage room / basement

This room is hidden away from your prank friends who love to steal your stuff. To get here go under the stairs and press the button.

Active shower and bathtub

These don’t make much of a difference but they sure are great.


Beautiful modern bedroom. On the left side of the bed there is a hole through which you can sleep.

You can see a review of the vault in this video

You can get the house from this link

Thank you