New 2021 way to get free RDP from Google – Fastest internet speed up to 1TB per second!


New 2021 way to get free RDP from Google – Fastest internet speed up to 1TB per second!

Most of the time, accessing or browsing some content is not possible for some countries, so people resort to using a VPN, but most of the time their attempts are unsuccessful, due to the site’s systems designed to detect and prevent all cross-logging.

RDB is widely used, especially in the Arab world, despite its many advantages and advantages, getting it for free is difficult.

From time to time, a certain method is used to obtain a free Remote Desktop Protocol, and that is through the use of a certain vulnerability on sites of large companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google. There is a new method that enables you to obtain RDP using a service provided by Google, and the following is a way to take advantage of it.

First, go to Google Cloud Platform from the link below, then activate Cloud Shell by clicking on the box icon at the top.

Immediately, you will notice that a window appears, similar to the command window in CMD, but slightly different. You will type the following command: (Use Ctrl + V)

docker run -p 6080:80 dorowu/ubuntu-desktop-lxde-vnc

Then hit the Enter button. It will start to download some files, and when done, click on the icon next to the gear button on the right side, then choose Modifier le port or an equivalent in your language.

Enter the value 6080, then continue.

A new window will pop up, you will wait for a while, and congratulations you got RDP. To be able to use the internet, be sure to follow the path:

Start – Internet – Firefox Browser.

Internet speed according to the Speed Test website.

Link: Google Cloud Platform