New Android 12 features and changes that you should know


Android 12 continues to be developed in Google’s offices and updated for users who install developer versions. Today we have very interesting news if you are a fan of Android and want to try Android 12 on your device. The new operating system means that there are changes to its interface, design and functionality: Today we will tell you about the most important ones. XDA has already tested the latest version and we’ve compiled the most important ones. They are new changes, functions and innovations that the interface has undergone.

The lock button on the phone will trigger the Google Assistant on Android 12

Currently, there are various ways to run Google Assistant on an Android phone. Google, along with Android 12, wants to add another very interesting one. According to the system code, a new option will be enabled in Settings to launch Google Assistant by pressing the lock button on the phone.

Yes, we are talking about the actual button that 100% of smartphones have that will allow the assistant to wake up with the screen turned off and without looking at the device. If all goes as it should, it will be available on stable Android 12.

New emojis are available on Android 12

The emojis included in Emoji 13.1 are already available in the leaked kit for Android 12. If you want to get a first look at it, you can do so in the image above this paragraph. Flat colors are left and shadows and reflections give the look of more realistic emojis.

The volume and brightness controls have been completely modified

The volume and brightness controls on the screen change drastically in Android 12. These controls now display much wider bands which changes according to the accent color the user chooses. Much accentuated by the visibility of the predominant and wide glow strip, as it has never been like this before.

New animations upon charging and app drawer

Animation has been revamped by the design team in almost every aspect of the interface. There is a new animation for opening the app drawer, opening apps and also for scrolling through the settings.

If you want to have a look at it watch the video, you can go to the XDA post and see all the uploaded videos about the changes in the design of Android 12.

Full screen shots are more intuitive

Google will implement full screen captures so you can capture an image of an entire webpage, file, or entire WhatsApp conversation.

These are some of the changes that Google implemented in Android 12 and will be available on Android phones within a few months. There are fewer and fewer so you can try this OS on your mobile phone, even if it’s not a Google Pixel.

Thank you.