PlayStation games on Android phones: This is Sony’s ambitious project


Cell phones are getting more powerful. They have better processors, and they have more advanced cooling systems and screens that allow you to enjoy amazing games. There are many mobile games that have great graphics and are more enjoyable than some console games. Today we have to talk about the arrival of PlayStation games on Android phones, specifically the games developed by Sony. The company wants some games like The Last Of Us to be playable on Android.

We know that this project exists thanks to the functionality that Sony has offered to develop mobile games based on the current console experience. This is very good news, as this means that the company is interested in the world of mobile games and can launch very popular games that adapt to touch screens in Android phones.

Of course, these games also need to be adapted graphically, because when developing a mobile game, you have to keep in mind that it will be played on thousands of different devices and not just on the console itself all over the world.

There are games with amazing graphics quality on Android, so it is not difficult to think that you can easily run a PS3 or PS4 game (modified) on high-end mobile phones. For now, you should just know that Sony is working on it, as there is no other information about it and it could take a long time for more news to leak.

For now, the only way to play PlayStation games on Android mobiles is to download an emulator for old consoles like PS1 or PS2 like this one: ClassicBoy Gold

Thank you.