The best house in Minecraft is in redstone only


Sometimes it is not necessary to build an ornate or modern and luxurious house in order to be developed, the only important thing is to deal well with the redstone.

Let’s not lie to each other and say that this house is modern!

Yes, at first glance, you can tell that this house is not modern, but rather a very ordinary house and its shape is simple in one way or another.

But as soon as you approach the tree near the house, you will be shocked by the presence of an automatic bridge that opens and closes at your command!

Here you know that this simple house is hiding something, but what is it?

And after crossing the bridge, you will find that the gate of the house is not ordinary either, but it is a very developed gate in the redstone!

This is one of the best redstone houses I’ve ever played. Learn about the developed and smart protected redstone house

After entering the house, you will find a set of red stone machines, including some that control the external lighting.

But what you do not know is that this house contains a secret basement in which there are many, many different redstone machines!

The house is full of redstone, and there are also more than one basement in it and automatic farms on Minecraft.

When you play in this house, you will find yourself lost because of its large size, there are many rooms and redstone in the secret basement.

Of course, you will find many rooms and secret entrances in the basement, all of them are redstone, beware not to miss any of them!

In order to make sure that you have seen every room in the house, including the secret places, I invite you to watch this video.

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