The first house developed in Minecraft and it may be considered the best, as it is very smart. You will be shocked!


In this house, you will find a very large development, and redstone machines are developed, although the house is somewhat old.

On top of all this, the house is very elegant and modern, surrounded by gardens, fountains, a plane, and all of this is also developed! There are yet more secret places and basements!

This is one of the best redstone houses I’ve ever played. Meet the 4 upgraded homes – a super smart modern redstone house with lots of puzzles, challenges, secret locations and more. Beautiful modern design, from the outside to the furniture, built on an amazing custom terrain with great views.

The house is full of redstone, there is also more than a basement in it, a giant robot, redstone gardens, a wonderful helicopter as well, and plenty of lakes surrounding the house.

With all this development, you will find that the house has a very elegant and modern design, and there is also a car garage that enables you to open the doors.

When you play in this house, you will find yourself lost due to its large size. Also, beware of losing any object that the house gives you. Also, do not forget to watch the video because it will help you a lot in solving the gas in the modern and developed redstone house.

There are four secret rooms, all of which are gas.

There are four colors that you must collect from the house to solve their puzzle.

There is a special mystery hidden at the bottom of the lake and much more…

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Watch the following video to find out more..

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