The first integrated mod pack on mobile Minecraft will take you back to the Middle Ages


In this mod pack or add-on for Minecraft Mobile, you will experience the fun of playing in a mod pack just like Minecraft on a computer Java!

In it, you find new types of resources, as well as houses and cities in the world, as well as dungeons filled with monsters and prizes as well.

Of course, there are a lot of new monsters, there are knights who fight monsters to protect the population, and there is even a giant boss at the end.

Add Ancient Land Boss

The ancient adventure land is waiting for your adventure.

20 types of creatures, 9 types of weapons, more than 20 items, 6 types of ruin, random dungeons and multiple random events, all set in the ancient land


(nuns, fiery magicians, mages, black forest knights, hired archers, merchants, hired warriors, dragon slayer warriors)

The Knight of the Black Forest, employed by the Empire, patrols the plains. He was born with his horse. The horse will automatically ride when fighting. The horse can be returned to the horse’s biological egg with a wooden axe. When the knight loses his horse, he can summon his horse again by giving the item

Hire shooter: When fighting, if there is a dragon hunting crossbow nearby, the crossbow will automatically trigger.


Each entity has its own independent skills, such as nuns group therapy, group shield wizard (fireball, blink)

It can be manufactured or purchased from merchants at the postal station

Weapon, crew, melee

Version skills

Small skill: long press on the screen (right key win10)

Great skill: squat and tap the screen

Flags of different colors can be found in chests in imperial towers or fortresses


Chairs, tables, cooking utensils, etc. can be crafted, and NPCs who are not in the next state can interact with them freely.

And more…. You can watch the following video, and I hope to write your opinion in the comments as well and what you have explored yet.

add-on HERE